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# of projects per category* at school # eligible to register for regional
1-8 Up to 3
9-16 Up to 4
17-24 Up to 5
25+ Up to 6

*This is separated by individual and group entries. 
For example, if there are 4 junior individual documentaries and 10 junior group documentaries, the school may send 3 junior individual documentaries AND 4 junior group documentaries. 


  • Students will NOT be able to register if their teacher has not already registered.
  • Historical paper entries, including the annotated bibliography, must be uploaded in PDF format to the student's entry by the end of the registration. Failing to do so means student registration is considered incomplete and may not be scheduled. 
  • Website entries must include the Weebly ID (8 digit code assigned to student site) in order for registration to be considered complete. Websites must be published by the end of registration, or registration is incomplete and may not be scheduled. 
    • Students are able to edit websites until the close of registration.  Once registration closes, websites will be automatically "locked" for judging.  


Questions?  Contact scstatehistoryday@coastal.edu 


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